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Research Links 05-29-2015

Experts warn that soil re enrichment must take place before water shortages hit or all of mankind may suffer

Researchers with the University of Michigan work to discover how a natural oceanic organism kills cancer cells

Scientists researching possible modes of mass extinction events such as megaquakes and a catastrophic gravitational collapse


Research Links 05-28-2015

MERS seen as having high potential for spreading in asian countries following possible chain of transmission

Iowa Department of Ag following confirmation that bird flu is spread quickly through the region increasing chances of unstoppable outbreak

Deadly heatwave looms over India causing forecast of worsening storms and deadly floods in the region

Tokyo Electric awarded contract in Qatar leading to warnings of future disaster in the middle east


Research Links – 05-26-2015 re-upload

Researchers warning that WHO is unprepared to assist in next global health crisis

Chinese release 500,000 artificially infected mosquitoes

US begins stockpiling new nuclear accident treatment


Research Links 05-27-2015

Researchers warn that the current strain of the bird flu could last for months spreading unabated

Crisis in Yemen leaves millions without clean water as it sells on the blackmarket with medicine and firearms

Chance of hydrogen explosion worse than thought at Fukushima nuclear plant


Research Links 05-25-2015

Human rights crisis grows amidst civil unrest in Burundi

Farmers warning that government response is not enough to halt the spread of the bird flu

Researchers warn that h5n2 is already airborne and poses a substantial threat to the human race as a pandemic possible variant