The Global Crisis Report Jan 31 – Feb 01 2015

global crisis report jan31
global crisis report jan31


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Research Links 01-30-2015

Islamic State’s Egyptian branch claims deadly attack–At-least–killed,-more-than–wounded-in-No.aspx

Ebola mutating – Scientists warn of virulent contagion

Avian flu rampaging Taiwan

South Dakota bill fails as economists warn of ongoing financial collapse

Volcanic Eruption creates island in South Pacific


Research Links: 01 29 2015

NASA working to determine how magma erupts from the ground

Guinea sees increase in Ebola cases as WHO issues revised situational report

Nigeria works to allay fear amid bird flu spread and low oil prices

Unrest rumors following greece moves

Corporate greed pushes oil industry to vie for lessened radiation control at the cost of the earth


Research Links: 01 28 2015

Security researchers link leaked surveillance program source code to US and British intelligence

Pandemic warnings

Poultry driven avian influenza cases explode throughout Israel and Nigeria

Israeli may launch air strikes at any moment following rocket attack


Research Links: 01 27 2015

Historic blizzard set to shutter emergency care response throughout northwest

Flu severity underestimated throughout all of developed world

Research on global climate change and disease virulency

Sectarian fighting increases worldwide with focus on Islamic State