The Global Crisis Report March 2015 – Over 40 Pages Just $5

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The Global Crisis Report is now a monthly publication and with this first issue we are publishing a compendium of all previous February Issues.

You will find:
Over 40 Pages of Investigative Reporting + Survival & Preparedness Information.

* The Healing Properties Of Silver (Part 1-2)
* The Real Danger Behind Genetic
Modification + Mitigation Steps
* Building A Fire In Any Condition
* Water Borne Disease and Filtration
* The Rule Of Threes For Survival
* Homesteading Made Easy
* Recipes and Food Storage
* First Aid
* + Much More

Research Links 03-03-2015

Nuclear situation in Japan worsening
Radioactive soil storage and Japanese Exclusion Zone

Officials release information regarding dangerous transfer of bacteria to unsecure lab

Researchers warn that radon gas from abandoned uranium mine may be the cause of mysterious sleeping disorder

H7N9 continuing to be reported in China – Possible chain of transmission


Research Links 03-02-2015

IDF calls large training exercise amid growing anti Israeli sentiment

Century long analysis of global surface temperature shows new normal of planetary warming trend

MERS continuing to spread among health care professionals within Saudi Arabia

Mortality and severity of H7N9 seen increasing

CAGE releases emails – Researchers warn of near future consequence to American spying


Research Links 02-26-2015

Tropical Cyclone Glenda’s Eye Forming according to NASA Satellite Data

Oats among other foods found containing carcinogenic mold-related toxin called ochratoxin A.

International study shows that common water supply at increased risk of disease causing chemical contamination throughout the US and the world

Critical gaps in the knowledge base of the MERS Coronavirus leads to deployment of infectious disease experts

CHP closely monitors three additional human cases of avian influenza A(H7N9) in Mainland


Research Links 02-25-2015

Islamic State to declare Lebanon official extension leading to intense fighting

Leading study warns government agencies to stop water fluoridation due to mounting proof of disease risk and health degradation

Global Food Supply Chain at risk of extreme damage from over fertilization and nutrient leaching

Antibiotics linked to biofilm production – a potentially catastrophic danger to the health of humans everywhere