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Research Links 03-27-2015

Officials scrambling to determine the cause of mystery illness

Officials find no signs of H5N2 in wild bird population leading to concern of next case location

Common bacteria on verge of becoming antibiotic-resistant superbugs


Research Links 03-26-2015

Raw Milk Opponents claim foodborne illness risk in Hopkins study

Team discovers link between non globalized food and water supply and healthy-disease free bacteria

Fukushima situation worsens as internal investigations prove no plans viable in material containment

Islamic State growing throughout central Asia


Research Links 03-25-2015

Scientists show that sustainable tech could save the world from another nuclear meltdown

Muon technology proves meltdown at Fukushima nuclear power plant

Continuing reports of dead birds leads to large warnings of avian influenza in India


Research Links 03-24-2015

Scientists warn of alarming uptick in Insect Borne Disease throughout the first world

Water treatment leading to increase in anti biotic resistant bacteria + the need for individual and single family water purification

World Health Organization finally declares Glyphosate (roundup/GMO) a carcinogen


Research Links 03 23 2015

World Health Organization denies claims of delaying Ebola Emergency due to political reasons

CDC working to id influenza type b that includes rashes and is gaining virulence.

Kapersky labs hits back at what researchers see as western disinformation tactics

International outcry over the dangers to the world with the advancement of cloning