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Research Links 04-27-2015

Nepal EQ death toll hits 2500

Researchers warn on discovery of massive magma chamber under Yellowstone Caldera

National guard mobilized in US fight against bird flu


Research Links 04-24-2015

U.S. House passes second ‘threat-sharing’ cybersecurity bill – rewards companies for sharing information

Scientists find that chemical companies produced pesticide that become addictive to bees

Researchers working to bring pre cognitive threat charges to life
Info on the spying agencies monstermind program


Research Links 04-23-2015

Saudi Airstrikes continue in Yemen as Iranian ships set anchor leading to escalation in warfare

Bird flu spreads in North America – Scientists worry when it will jump to humans

Arrest warrants for anti vaccine parents issued in Pakistan as part of westernization take over

Scientists study to predict spread of disease among plant species that researchers hope can be modeled for humans


Research Links 04-22-2015

Officials working to contain bird flu as it threatens to devastate the entire US food supply chain

Necessity at the Roots of Innovation: The Scramble for Nutrients Intensifies as Soils Age

Decline in production food crops may worsen in years ahead leaving mankind scrambling for survival


Research Links 04-21-2015

Forced vaccination in Canada could lead to case law

Brocolli sprout extract protects against cancers – gmo dangers

Earthquake near Japan shows ongoing danger to radiation release at Fukushima – Birds still in decline near the site

Rebel leaders in Yemen warn of Saudi Arabian occupation into the country