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Research Links 06-05-2015

Indonesian volcano on high alert for eruption as experts warn of increasing activity around the earth

Cornell University study finds pesticides threaten native pollinators

Method used in city drinking water may increase lead consumed by citizens around the earth


Research Links 06-04-2015

Does Agion silver technology work as an antimicrobial? Yes, Silver Coating Kills Bacteria on Campus Door Handles

Researchers with work to manipulate human will to create results of compliance

MERS outbreak in South Korea leads to warnings of a pandemic as transmission explosion seen in the future


Research Links 06-03-2015

Iraq PM says allies not doing enough to counter Islamic State

French authorities clear the homeless and destitute from camps as economic collapse continues

MERS in South Korea running rampantly through the nation as fears of a pandemic continue to increase

Researchers discover two new groups of viruses capable of serious illness among the human population


Research Links 06-02-2015

Independent news outlets and social media shared the rise of Ebola up to a week before MSM

Highly explosive volcanism at Galapagos – information shows explosive potential of global volcanic system

Study links exposure to common pesticide with ADHD in boys
Widely Used Herbicide Linked to Cancer


Research Links 06-01-2015

Storm surge and tidal region damage expected along gulf states – experts call for action

Scientists warn that US west coast could be devastated by tsunami + earthquake

Age of antibiotics over leading scientist to dangerous genetic modification of bacteria