About Us

I started considering preparedness in 2005 with the birth of my first child and that moment when I realized that our whole society, myself included, relied heavily upon corporate and government sources for the continued supply of items that we consider essential to life in our modern world.

With that realization, my wife and I decided to step outside of that box of dependency and begin considering ways that we can provide for ourselves rather than relying on others to provide for us.

We started learning how to grow our own food, overcoming the challenges of soil restoration and container gardening, we consumed all the information that we could to learn primitive and extreme weather survival techniques including wild edibles so that we could enjoy ourselves in the woods without the need of a vehicle to carry our supplies and also to better prepare ourselves and our families for an emergency and we learned trauma assessment and emergency first aid to mitigate the damage of a personal disaster should one affect us or our friends during a crisis.

In this regard, survival and preparedness is not the doom and gloom mindset that drove survivalism in the past. It is a methodology of preparedness and independence that gives my wife and I as well as our friends and family, the assurance that if a natural or geopolitical disaster should strike nearby, we will be less reliant on others to minimize the damage and recover from the crisis than those that remain blind to the possibility.